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Thank you! I'm excited to have you on board

as part of the Reboot Yourself! community.


Reboot Yourself! helps you move from stuck and skeptical...

to unstuck and genuinely passionate about your life.

Too many people never experience the life they want

because they are trying to turn ON something new,

without turning OFF the negative factors

that stand in their way. 

Taking the advice of every IT guy

– and some of the world’s best-loved self-help books –

Reboot Yourself guides you through the process

of Turning Off, Turning On… and Turning Up. 

Reboot Yourself! is a refreshingly hype-free guide to personal growth, overcoming negative habits and building positive life patterns

of confidence, productivity and emotional intelligence. 

In Reboot Yourself! you’ll discover 
-    The 4 P’s that are holding you back 
-    12 steps of your personal hero’s journey
-    What to do when you resist the change you want
-    How to program your brain, and have fun doing it


I hope you'll join me on this journey.


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Reboot Yourself! is published. 

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