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Frog Brain

One of the key concepts in Reboot Yourself is frog brain.

Our minds have a reptilian part that looks after our basic human needs: survival and reproduction. Food and sex. When you think of reptilian, think of your brain on two springy legs like a frog. The frog is leaping around from one lily pad to another because it can. Instead of going “ribbit, ribbit”, your brain is saying “habit, habit”.

We don’t consciously know 95% of what is going on in our mind.

Our subconscious creates the world we live in, through choices that get passed by our internal parliament before our conscious mind ever has a chance to vote.

Frog brain causes many of the problems we need to "Turn Off" from. But when harnessed appropriately, Frog Brain can really take us places.

Excerpted from the introduction to Reboot Yourself. Get your free chapter, or buy the book on Amazon.

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