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Would you talk to anyone the way you talk to yourself?

Our inner judge is a bitch (regardless of gender)! There is no kinder way to say it.

Our inner judge is usually our way of trying to protect ourselves from criticism from anyone else. And so, it is vicious in its vitriol towards us, channeling the viciousness felt from others, in a vain attempt to get in before anyone else does.

And yet most of the time, this inner critic is below the level of our conscious awareness. This saboteur can only be stopped if it can be seen.

And in that pause moment, you can change the story.

You make it seen by focusing on what is real, and what is present. Give your brain a change of scenery by highlighting the positive.

"Look," you say to your brain, "We've been consistent at something we never used to be consistent at. Isn't that amazing?"

At the very least, this gives the brain reason to pause, and in that pause moment, you can change the story.

Excerpted from Reboot Yourself Chapter 11. Get your free chapter today, or buy the book from Amazon.

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