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What is your vision?

"I can see clearly now the rain has gone" - Johnny Nash

As we turn off the things that harm us, we get to know ourselves and what we really want. These true desires are trustworthy and benevolent.

We don’t need to put pressure on ourselves to generate a grand-sounding “vision”. The first step is to just … be.

The vision is already there inside us. The subconscious just needs enough space and time to reveal itself.

Visions hold your greatest desires.

Remember the subconscious? It’s the powerful driver behind our habits, and it has been trying to reveal vision to you for your whole life. But the message gets distorted.

It’s time to pay attention and let the vision reveal itself.


In the book Don’t Believe Everything You Think, author Joseph Nguyen explains the difference between desperation and inspiration.

When goals are created out of desperation, we feel a large sense of scarcity and urgency … When we create goals out of inspiration … it is a completely different story. In this state, we are creating because we feel deeply moved, inspired, and expansive. It feels like a calling rather than an obligation. It is like there’s a powerful force of life coming from within us, wanting to be expressed through us to be made manifested into the physical world.

Our truest visions may be prompted by the needs we see in the world, but they must go beyond simply needs. Visions hold your greatest desires.

A simple way to do this is remember what you wanted to be and do as a child.

Fireman? Doctor? Teacher? Children may not have known about the dizzying array of job titles that keeps arriving on LinkedIn every day, but they knew – and still know – the kind of activities that bring them satisfaction.

Even if your childhood dream sounds silly, take it without judgement and break it down into its component parts. What’s at the heart of it?

That’s what’s at the heart of you.

Excerpted from Reboot Yourself. Get your free chapter, or buy the book from Amazon.

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